NaNoWriMo again

It wasn’t easy, but I was driven by the knowledge that this was my 10-year anniversary. I completed 50,000-word novels in November 2003 and November 2004 but have not finished NaNoWriMo since then. The closest I’ve come since is more than 36,000 words in November 2007. (In 2005, I also broke 30,000, but just.) It seems each year I get caught by freelance assignments early in the month and ultimately by the Thanksgiving monster. This year, I used Robert Olen Butler’s technique described in From Where You Dream. It was easy to type the words after I had been visualizing every scene in sequence for weeks. For bathtub reading, I also reviewed Fire in Fiction, by Donald Maass, which reminded me about microtension and other essentials of readable fiction. Finally, I must thank the creators of Scrivener. I’ve been using it this fall to organize my poems, but it really shines as a writing coach for NaNoWriMo novels. Every time I began to work, it told me how much I had to write each day to complete 50,000 words by November 30. If you write, it can help you, too.


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