Poem of the day

I started writing a poem a day in September 2003 while taking a creative writing course taught by Jon Buscall and Paul Schreiber at Stockholm University. I’ve missed a few dates over the years, usually because of work deadlines or jetlag. After the first year or so, I kept going by reminding myself of the old (new?) adage “You have to write a thousand bad poems.” I have indeed done so over the years. I will never graph the quality of my daily poems so as to define a function of the sinus wave, but it seems to be trending upwards. Nowadays I spend at least a few minutes reading other poets’ poems or essays and I spend a little more time each day composing my own poem. I used to write it last thing before I went to sleep. Now I often write when inspiration strikes during the day or I force inspiration around midday. Today I wrestled with a villanelle, and though villanelles are just slightly more kosher than sestinas, it felt good to manipulate words but not accept all the initial ideas. Maybe that’s what I’ve learned in writing a poem a day: I do have enough time each day to reflect and compose lines worth enhancing.

One response to “Poem of the day

  1. I admire your purpose and resolve, and your fulfillment of each. I, on the other hand, feel like I’ve said pretty much all I can or need to say in the poetic form after having written over 200 such. I reckon maybe 25% of them are fit for others to read. On yet another hand, I am interested in furthering my skills in prose poetry.

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